30 to 30: 9 days to go (apparently)

| by Bel | 

Bel: I'm looking forward to us all going out for dinner for my birthday. Have you got that Thursday night in your diary?

Bel's dad: Yes of course, next week.

Bel: Dad, no - not next week, in a fortnight!

Bel's dad: A fortnight?

Bel: Yes, on the 28th! Sheesh.

Bel's dad: Next week.

Bel: What?

Bel's dad: Tomorrow week in fact.

Bel: Tomorrow week??

Bel's dad: Yes, tomorrow is Thursday, all day until midnight, which means one week from then.


Bel's dad: Yes.

Bel: My birthday is next week!!

Bel's dad: Yes. You'll be 30.

Bel: I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!