Things To Do Today:

1. Not go to work at my old job because I quit.

2. Not go to work at my new job because I haven't started yet.

3. Say "QUITTERS RULE!" and punch the air vigorously.

4. Go to my hairdresser for a cut and colour. This is her Last Chance to satisfy me. Fingers crossed she's spent the break boning up on the difference between 'burgandy' and 'chocolate brown' because I'm not going through this again :

5. Sit in the car for six or seven hours as we drive up to Hamilton.

6. Be polite enough about the driver's pre-Big Day Out enthusiasm for Rammstein and its being played incessantly on the car stereo to convince him to stop in the discount outlet clothing heaven that is Otaki.

7. Not spend all my money at the hairdresser's and get some Minx shoes.

8. Participate in general car trip revelry:

8a: Text my brother "Pony poo $1 a bag!" when we go past the sign that says "Pony poo $1 a bag!".

8b: Shudder at the hideousness that is Levin whilst passing by.

8c: Scan all signage in Bulls to see if any witticisms have been added.

8d: Grumble about not being able to see the mountains probably, except on those days when the mountains are clearly visible and truly majestic and breath-taking.

8e: Cry out "Oooowhhhhhangooooo!" when whizzing past this tiny place that was only notable for its half decent cafe which is now closed.

8f: Note how it now takes even longer to reach Hamilton proper because the suburbs are bulging out from the city, like grease stains leaching out from a cheap meat patty left sitting too long on a paper towel.

9. Be excited and warm and fuzzy about meeting my nephew tomorrow!

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