Oh yeah, about that new job...

Posted by Bel. The time is 9.13pm here in Wellington.

I mentioned briefly in my last post that 2011 was going to mean a new job for me. In fact, I have three days left at my current workplace and then next week launch into the traumatising phase of being The New Kid. But hey, at least that's an improvement from job hunting, right?

The place I've been working at has been absolutely wonderful and I've had the best manager I've ever worked with, hands down. So why am I moving on after 18 months? Well other than the fact that I am a fickle and flighty Gen Y-er, my main concern was that I was on a contract.

Maybe when you work in the corporate world you can be confident that there's always another pot of money somewhere to guarantee an extension, but in the not-for-profit sector, you're generally hanging on by the skin of your teeth. My career so far has been devoted to the arts and various charities, and after spending a big chunk of time redundant, making sure I had work lined up was top priority.

The role I'm going to is a permanent one (oh yes!) and cherry on top is that I'm going to be part of a team - you know, people working together! No more having to bounce ideas off the wall, I will have actual colleagues in the same field who understand the crazy jargon I'm forced to speak! Oh happy day!

I feel very fortunate to be moving on to something that seems to be such a good fit. Though you never know until you've gotten stuck right in there - so I'll keep you posted!!