I know it's Oscar Noms Day but...

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...but I have some urgent and troubling news I need to share.

[Yes, I started writing this yesterday and then got distracted and didn't post it, shut up.]

Besides, if you are truly dedicated to the awards season, you would have already checked the list on the official website and started a group email discussion AND SLASH OR organised for a dear friend to text you with updates on the announcement, if say, you were in Te Anau and unable to access a computer. For example!

So let's not talk now about how offensive it is that Christopher Nolan has been snubbed for a Best Director nomination or what joy you may feel that Sofia Coppola's film has been ignored, or whether Cher is a big baby for tweeting about how incomprehensible it is that her cinematic masterpiece Burlesque missed out on a Best Song nod.

Instead, let's focus on the fact that an Australian-born mother of two with an inclination towards hair straightening is WRECKING MY LIFE. (Not actually true.) Nicole Kidman is going to be playing Martha Gellhorn. Martha! Gellhorn! Yes, the very same woman I added to my Bona Fide Heroines List back in November year before last after reading her travel memoirs and reviewing them on here.

This article, which does Gellhorn the favour of presenting her as more than just 'the only woman who ever dared to ask Hemingway for a divorce', states that the production is an HBO TV movie, in the vein of the recent Grey Gardens, starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. Apparently James Gandolfini is producing it, which makes me feel some warm fuzzies, until I remember that that must mean he has OK-ed the casting.

Even the choice of Clive Owen as Ernest Hemingway has me scratching my head. At least he can act though - hopefully he'll be able to muster up some chemistry, in between knocking back the obligatory daiquiris.

One thought on “I know it's Oscar Noms Day but...”

  1. Oh. My. God.

    When will Hollywood realise that:
    a) nobody likes her
    b) she can't act
    c) her face doesn't move

    (Yes I know she has said she has stopped using botox, but really that just means she's either realised how bad it was and dropped her dose and is bluffing in the hopes we think she naturally isn't getting wrinkles, OR she's found an alternative made out of ground panda toes or something.)