This is weird, right?

Posted by Bel. The time is 1.45pm here in Wellington, NZ.

[via kottke]

And there's more!

That '70s Show.. Remington Steele... Desperate Housewives... Six Feet Under... 10 Things I Hate About You... Malcolm In The Middle... Cougar Town... Knight Rider...

Did the same props guy work on ALL these movies and TV shows??

Or. Or! Did each of these scenes take place... on... the same day!! (I would only really buy into this theory if there was a screen grab from Lost to fully complete the mindfuck.)

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2 thoughts on “This is weird, right?”

  1. I had avoided actually looking at this because my scan detected the word "Lost" which set off my AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! alarm (complete with red flashing light), but having seen the answer to the question on twitter I have revisited and would like to add to the conversation by saying:

    That's FUCKEN WEIRD.