A pause to feel some Consumer Guilt

Posted by Lou. The time is 11.13am here in London, UK .

Serving as a reminder of the human price of our Western consumerism: According to this disturbing report of a spate of suicides in (one of?) Apple's China factory(ies) an entry-level worker gets paid less in one month than I paid for my iPod nano. Oh. I guess my superficial policy of not-buying-sequined-clothing-from-high-street-clothing-stores* isn't enough huh... At least I don't buy Nike...?

*an exposee of the involvement of sweat shops in the high street clothing industry very much pointed to the intricate work required for some clothing such as sequinned tops and dresses as being the tipping point for the labour moving down to badly-paid children. Seeing a sequinned dress for £20 now makes me feel a little bit sick.

2 thoughts on “A pause to feel some Consumer Guilt”

  1. I <3 Nokia so am very pleased indeed to know this. At social events where everyone else has their iPhone on the table I take great pride in pulling out my trusty Nokia minimal-functions phone.