I've got a fever

Posted by Lou. The time is 5.55pm here in London, UK.

A fever for FOOTBALL!!

Ranked 78th in the world, 25 professional players, one professional team, and New Zealand just drew 1-1 with the World Champions.

The All Whites are doing better than previous finalists France, better than this tournament's favourites Spain, and better than the football obsessed English. Plus, it must be said: we're doing much better than the Aussies.

Is anyone not loving this?!

[please imagine a great big beautiful picture of euphoric All White here. Unfortunately blogger won't let me add pictures from my laptop at the moment. Maybe Bel will put a nice one in for us.]Et voila!!

Smeltzy scoring his goal against Italy, going "WHOO! I rule!". Goalie Federico Marchetti lies on the ground feeling stink.

Stuff has a great slideshow with lots more photos, but for nudity, we have to thank the LA Times:

(although perhaps not for referring to us as "lowly"!)

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