This is what a feminist looks like.

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Okay apologies about the cliched header - but I've had a dual experience in the last week that reminded me of the pervasiveness of old ideas about what a feminist looks like.

I was back in my hometown for a visit, and an old schoolfriend made a quip about another of our old schoolfriends, saying "she's back in town looking like a feminist" [insert snigger here].

I happaned to have met up with the discussed woman the day before - yes she's a feminist, in fact a very hard-working academic one - and knew exactly why she had said that: unplucked bushy eyebrows, no make-up, dark clothing and a generally masculine appearance.

(Yet ironically the person saying this was herself sans eye-plucking or make-up, and in dark sporty clothing. In fact, it was later quipped by her sister that she would pass for being a man. Apparently what you look like is only up for joke and judgement if you've just finished a doctorate in gender equality.)

I took great delight - sitting there in my floral dress with my flouncy long hair and make-up - in pointing out that I'm a feminist. And that actually that these days there is a core thread of feminism that ardently dresses feminine and embraces make-up, hair and shopping because we don't believe that feminine should equal less important/ serious/ valuable/ worthy than masculine.

So move on to last night when I attended the below mentioned feminazi boner-killers bloggers' drinks and looked round with glee at the women in attendance: make-up, no make-up; pretty dresses, jeans and hoodies; flouncy long hair, short and spiky cuts; short, tall; big, small; certainly a lot of boob... pretty much every variation of [white] lady on display.

Oh how I wished my old school friend could have been there.

So what does a feminist look like? It looks like me, like Bel, like our friends - male and female - and probably a lot like you.

5 thoughts on “This is what a feminist looks like.”

  1. YAAAAY!! a lovely positive post.
    I wish I could have been there with you guys.
    Im in welly next week, hopefully the work load will allow for a catch up of some sort.

  2. Great post guys!

    I had a conversation about feminism the last week with 2 male friends of mine, and we all agreed that if the lady felt empowered by wearing make-up and feminine dresses and/or singlets,shorts with a spiky hair cut then more power to them.

    Love it

    oO WWS Oo

  3. Go you lady. I think it is honestly embarassing when women say they AREN'T feminists. Glad you told your mate you were one and showed her the old cliches are exactly that.

    Your other friend with the Doctorate in Gender studies is way too intelligent and interested in what she is doing to be bothered by such limited views on what makes her look like a "feminist". FFS. If it helps next time I just met a guy aged the ripe old mature age of 23 who has just finished his degree in Gender Studies through Sydney Uni.

    Does that make HIM a feminist because he was with unplucked eyebrows and a hairy chest?
    I bloody hope so... ;)

    *** RANT ENDS****

    Glad to hear the drinks were a success too! (Weeps into lonely wineglass).

  4. FYI: Lady Gaga has publicly stated that she is NOT a feminist. Based on that and her Telephone music video I have to agree........