Drinks tonight

| Posted by Bel | The time is 12.11pm here in Wellington NZ |

As seen on TV. By which I mean, on Craft is the New Black and Boganette.

What: The Feminazi Boner-Killers Drinks

When: 4pm, Wednesday 9 February 2011 (tonight!_

Where: The Apartment, Blallen St

Who: Any Wellington feminsty bloggy types

Why: Because we are awesome, and we need a drink.

I don't want to overexcite you, but both Lou and I will be there. In person. Signing autographs and giving away merchandise.

7 thoughts on “Drinks tonight”

  1. *Disclaimer: "Merchandise" is defined as a stick of the packet of berry gum Lou found in her sister's garage.

    **Note to self: eat a little bit more than the teensy portion of leftovers you had for lunch as this might get messy.

  2. I want to come and talk to you both about hair washing routines and other important feminist issues...

  3. We are very much into Liz Lemon style "do overs" round here. Lou is having another 30th birthday for us antipodeans next weekend and we can surely have another round of drinkies whenever you are available! ;D

  4. Goddamit.

    I want to be there too... will now go and buy wine and console myself with that.

    (PS my verification word was "dissesas" does that mean I'm getting dissed or I should be dissing??? lol)