Jelloware: good glasses inside and out

Posted by Bel. The time is 10.34am here Wellington NZ.

Nothing like a delicious refreshing drink - and the cherry on top (paper umbrella on top?) could now be knowing that your glassware is eco-friendly as well as chic.

"Jelloware" has just been a prize winner in the annual Jell-O mold competition (apparently it's a big deal in the design world. Go figure!).

The cups are made from agar, which is a vegetarian gelatin substitute, created from a seaweed extract. They are even cast in different flavours, to complement the tastes of your summer cocktails. And yes, the natural constitution of this product means that you can happily litter after your picnic (Draper family style... yes? anyone?), nourishing the soil as it quickly biodegrades!

The brains behind this brilliant concept are a design consultancy called The Way We See The World.

Judging from this photo, they believe in pairing the drinks with cute frocks.

Cheers to that, I say!

(Lou, this was written with you in mind. It is raining and foggy here today. I want a milo not a cocktail.)

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4 thoughts on “Jelloware: good glasses inside and out”

  1. Wow, I love them as a concept, a style, and think they'd be the most awesome picnic accessory ever... but the un-co in me wonders: wouldn't you really, REALLY easily spill your drink?? I'd need to only half fill mine!

  2. Hmm you're onto something - that red glass on the far right looks as if it's being precariously squidged! Good incentive to drink swiftly but daintily?? ;)

  3. Draper family littering expedition: one of the more memorable scenes for me. Gotta love those unsuspecting details. These are amazing.

  4. Yes! I also love the way that they so matter-of-factly instruct wee Sally in the making of cocktails.

    I have often considered doing a Mad Men Tribute post here, but don't think I could type anything that encompasses my love... siiiigh....