Family Guy and abortion in New Zealand

Posted by Bel. The time is 10pm here in Wellington NZ.

The controversial "abortion" episode of Family Guy screened last night here on C4 in New Zealand. This clip seems to be anti-anti-abortion, but does that make it pro-choice?

Labour MP Steve Chadwick has just proposed a bill that would decriminalise abortion in New Zealand and mean it was truly a woman's choice, rather than part of a process which 98% of the time involves having to be declared mentally unstable by two different doctors.

For further information, please check out The Hand Mirror's recent postings on these important developments.

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3 thoughts on “Family Guy and abortion in New Zealand”

  1. This also just played in the UK a couple of weeks ago. "We" (the Family Guy enthusiast community that comprises my residence) thought it was funny but were actually really surprised by how non-controversial it was. I guess for that reason that it was anti- anti-abortionists, which doesn't seem particularly controversial relative to being overtly pro-choice (not that that is controversial either outside of the extremist US, Irish, etc environments).

    And whilst I love that Family Guy took the shit out of a community that fuuuucken deserve it (they're probably my least liked people on earth for their irrationality, misogyny, and endless ability to get involved in other people's (and other countries') business), I didn't think the episode went as far as it could or should have.

    (Actually to be honest, I thought the ending was different than what I remember hearing at the time - my understanding had been that the abortion is undertaken once doctors figure out a way for men to carry the baby. This was actually the major argument missing in the episode - the outrageous scenario of the most outspoken anti-abortion lobbyist being people who don't have a uterus and will never face the decision that they are so dogmatically campaigning against.)


    I offer Steve Chadwick the highest of fives, and am actually shocked that this hadn't been done earlier.

  2. This is terrible, I know, but Steve Chadwick's name catches me every time. But I also offer her a crisp high five for bringing the issue back into discussion, and teaching me a few things. Like, that abortion is under the Crimes Act! Having found myself under pressure from health professionals to succumb to the idea that women must have a career first before having children, and that a trip to 'Level J' was what every woman in her twenties should experience, reading up on the issue has been interesting. I went on gut instinct last time, though appreciated that I had a choice in the matter. Had I gone down that path, I'm sure I would have been horrified by the hoops I would be made to jump through.

  3. Her name always makes me think of Stevie Nicks - which may or may not be a good thing!

    Thanks for your comment, Lotte. You are right about how important this is in terms of awareness raising and intelligent dicussion.

    The current laws were put into place in the 70s, and so much has changed - not just from the perspective of societal attitudes (the 70s were not all radical and hippy-dippy here in NZ remember) - but also in terms of medical healthcare.

    Lou - your comments make me want to write another post, regarding what a taboo abortion still is for TV... I think it is too easy for us liberals to watch an "edgy" show like Family Guy and forget how far away from the mainstream it is...