A Heartwarming Story of Staggering Self-lessness

Posted by Lou. The time is 2.00pm here in London, UK.

Today I went onto NZ Herald's site to see dual depressing headlines about the missing toddler's body being found in a drain, and the Boyzone star having drowned in his own vomit... so finding this gem on BBC News was a welcome burst of news of the uplifting sort.

In summary, a 16-year-old West Bengalese boy believes himself to be so privileged to receive a school education that he has started his own school in his backyard to pass on his learning to even more impoverished and disadvantaged children - all done in the late-afternoon after his own long day with chores and school. This is their only chance to become literate people.

It's people like him who will change the world.

One thought on “A Heartwarming Story of Staggering Self-lessness”

  1. I have to admit, when I read that the little girl had been found, I was a little bit relieved - because, you know, at least it was just a tragic accident in the neighbourhood and not a horrible conspiratorial kidnap case or something even more horrible and sinister.
    I can't imagine how awful it will be for the family, but at least they do get some closure and the ramifications are not as despicable as they could've been...

    But - yes - thank you for the 'human interest' story and for it actually being of depth! I hate the way that 'last story of the night' stories are always absolute fluff!