"Any prayers you happen to have lying around I would dearly appreciate."

Posted by Bel. The time is 5:11pm here in Wellington, NZ.

I'm a fan of Elizabeth Taylor. Not so much of the big-haired perfume-flogging 1980s Elizabeth Taylor, but more of the big-haired eyelash-batting 1960s Elizabeth Taylor.

When Michael Jackson died earlier this year, my panicked thoughts turned to her. Her health was bad enough as it was! Would the shock of her weird friend passing on finally do her in?

Love you too, Liz!

These tweets are from Taylor's verified Twitter account. (Of course she tweets! Don't question the woman. She'll tweet when she wants and marry when she wants.)

Not to be a fearmonger, but I don't think this bodes well. I think it would be best if we all put on another layer of eyeliner, some sparkly jewellery and though happy thoughts. (If you are possessed by the urge to marry someone, then just go with the flow. WWETD?)