I'm a cat person and all, but...

Posted by Bel. The time is ***:**am/pm here in Wellington, NZ.

Look at this. I was on Twitter and saw that someone appeared to be following (I am going to treat all these social networking jargony terms as if there were real words, just as we eventually got used to talking about 'friendsing' people, despite how moronic that sounded at first. And still does, when you think about it. As I am now. Friendsing. Dear god. This is our gift to the future?).

Where was I?! Oh yeah, it appears all these cats are Twittering. WTF!? I'm finding it annoying enough to keep up with Twitter as it is, since no one really seems to be into it - and yet out there a bunch of people are pretending to be their cats on the internet?? Why? Why oh why.

However in cat-orientated interweb behaviour I completely approve, ROLcats cannily translates the Russian version of LOLcats back into English for us Western capitalist bastards. Thus:

I can see someone’s misplaced Ushanka?
Careless fool, winter’s bitter fury will surely smother their spirit.


Do you mistake us for sincere?
We adorn ourselves thus to mock the capitalist sacrament of annual materials exchange…

And so on. Much other such Soviet hilarity to be had here: http://rolcats.com At least they're not trying to pretend the cats write it themselves.