My dear Watson

Posted by Lou. The time is 9pm here in London, UK.

Since finding out the casting of Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr! Jude Law!) I've been all fingers crossed that there would be plenty of homoerotic tension and innuendo to please those of us who would say YES OH YES to a Bob-Jude sandwich. The publicity rounds seemed to involve plenty between the actors. And, thank you Jesus!, the film does too. Bob and Jude have absolutely fantastic chemistry - they are utterly hilarious together, bouncing off and complementing (and complimenting) each other perfectly. Casting WIN.

Now, I'm going to state upfront that I have never read an actual Sherlock Holmes novel. But I am of course aware of many details of the characters and their relationships, enough to appreciate what they've done here but without having enough invested to be like "BLASPHEMY!!" as I'd imagine fans might. You see, they've looked at the darker side of Holmes (his apathy, his addiction) and turned him into a bad-ass. Bad-ass in an awesome way - smart, funny, clever, KICKS ARSE, prone to spending a little bit too much time in his room playing with drugs and feeling sorry for himself... And Watson is adorably susceptible to him (and his own weaknesses), whilst obviously being far more sensible and normal.

The storyline is a bit silly, but silly in a kind of fun way. Okay, it's entirely silly. But shuddup, it's not about that, it's about how wonderfully awesome a pair Bob and Jude make so just sit back and enjoy it. (And, if you're familiar with London, perhaps turn off your geographic awareness as there is a patently impossible piece of logistics in one set piece that in something that is meant to be a couple of minutes takes them between two places that are at least 20 minutes at a run away from each other.) Oh yeah, Rachel McAdams is in it too. She's okay.

I'm certainly hoping it makes enough $$$ to greenlight the sequel that it is so obviously geared towards.

PS: Ooooh just saw a rumour that Brad Pitt may be cast as Moriarty for a sequel... it's the stuff of wet dreams!

2 thoughts on “My dear Watson”

  1. Teeheehee! (please note that was an especially girly giggle)

    I saw the trailer for this and was like "pleeeease don't screw this up!", filled with horror at the thought that Guy Ritchie might still be making lame-o movies, mojo permanently sapped by his dalliances with Madge.

    It was this interview that changed my mind, as he talks a lot of sense, and points out that the London criminal underworld and boy-on-boy, um, friendships are his forte.

    And who would've thought I'd be so excited about a sequel before even seeing the first one!! ;D

  2. I actually had to look up Rachel McAdams because I had no idea who she was (had NO idea she was in Mean Girls - good for her).

    Yeah Hi