The Working Week

Posted by Lou. The time is 4:56pm here in London, UK.

I haven't posted anything for a while so thought I would share with you a new dresscode myself and a couple of colleagues have come up with to jazz up our lives:

Make an effort Monday
Take time to think about it Tuesday

Come as you are Wednesday
Switch it up a gear Thursday
Lower the tone Friday

Let's hope it produces some interesting results!

(Oh god, I'm so boring........ tried to match the font effect to the title to jazz this pitiful piece of work up... and made it even more pitiful!)

4 thoughts on “The Working Week”

  1. Hah! Brilliant. I want to see photographic demonstrations of the categories plz :D

    I never understood the 'Casual Friday' thing. If anything, I am likely to be more dressed up at the end of the week, bc of the chances of me winding up in a bar late at night are so much higher.

  2. Agreed - I changed it from "dress down" Friday to "lower the tone" Friday in order to encompass the cleavage and eye-liner that I associate with the day. (Also inspired by Charlotte turning up on my floor in a top that barely existed, leading to an awkward conversation with my boss after he heard me say "I'd get fired if I dressed like that!", prompting him to ask what she was wearing, prompting me to have to ignore the copious cleavage I was blatantly showing to have to convey what made hers worse than mine without acknowledging mine.)

  3. (Actually, I should also add that I'm more likely, these days, to have a big night on a Tuesday or Wednesday it seems...)